Genesee Orleans 

Ministry of Concern

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Our Mission

We know that our communities can only be strong if our community members are thriving. We're here to offer assistance when individuals face hardship. We'll help people get back on their feet so they can confidently return to financial and social independence.

Our two main objectives at GOMOC are:

The Ministry of Concern was preceded by the formation of the Orleans Migrant Ministry in 1955 which started as a summer-only ministry. As agricultural work became more mechanized, many of the migrant families chose to permanently settle in the area suggesting the need for a year-round Director. As a result, farmers and church leaders from Genesee and Orleans counties decided to form a single agency. In April of 1968, the Genesee Orleans Ministry of Concern was incorporated as a donor-supported non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. 

Today, the Genesee Orleans Ministry of Concern helps people in need in our communities with personal care items, prescription co-pays, vision and dental assistance, furniture needs and we provide programs for our youth to develop skills to succeed. We also help with certain utility bills, and limited assistance with emergency shelter. 

GOMOC is constantly re-evaluating its programs and considering areas of expansion to meet the changing needs of our communities and welcomes any suggestions and/or feedback.